These are the 2 rings that champions like Sugar Shane Mosley, Henry Tillman, Lamon Brewster and plenty others got their start, its not made to be pretty its made to take care of business
Get strong and build muscle while perfecting technique and accuracyto make for a more solid and heavy punch
Plenty of sparring available, kids welcomed in our friendly but work hard atmosphere
Once you step into the gym there's a feeling of a champion that comes over you, maybe because of the many champions that has grace these rings
 Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:00pm
 Saturday 8:00am-2:30pm
 Sun/major Holidays Closed
 Phone: (323) 755-9016

Boxing is for the strong and brave, it takes guts and dedication to be the greatest at anything, to be a champion you must endure the pain and struggle of finishing the battle,...only the strong survives
Take 3 non consecutive days to try out the gym to see if its right for you, it also comes with one free boxing lesson, take advantage of this promotion and find out why boxing is the best workout around
We here at Broadway Boxing pride ourselves in looking out for the kids in our communities, we have a unique kids program to help keeps your kids from falling victim to the streets while giving them something to be proud of as they grow into young men...come by for a free pass